The company "Duplomatic" was established in 1952 in Busto Arsizio (VA) Italy thanks to the development of an innovative copying system: the hydraulic copying unit. In those years these devices appeared to be revolutionary and they contributed to the evolution of the machine tool sector. 

At the beginning of the '70s the company started to produce and sell hydraulic components and systems, which were immediately welcomed by the industry sector. Even the small hydraulic systems supplied with the copying units became more and more sophisticated, thus allowing the Company to rank, for a long time, in the first place of the hydraulic systems design market.

During the following years, on the basis of a multiannual program for the product updating, the whole hydraulic range was renewed and completed by adding new components such as proportional valves; as a consequence the available product catalogue was complete and compatible with the one offered by the big market leading multinational companies, but at the same time it was advantaged by the agility and the readiness typical of a middle-dimensioned structure like Duplomatic.

During the last decade Duplomatic Oleodinamica has adopted a renewal policy of its product catalogue, which is now addressed towards the technological innovation and the performance optimization, thus allowing the company to constantly improve its penetration on the Italian and world market.

In January 2008 the company was taken over by the Private Equity AXA Fund, holding the 85% of the shares, while the remaining 15% was taken by the company management.

In 2011 it has been acquired in the U.S.A., Continental Hydraulics, a company well established in the stars and stripes hydraulics market.

After five years of successful activity and the achievement of ambitious targets, in April 2013 the Company's major shareholder became the Fund Progressio SGR. This independent private equity firm invests in small and medium sizes companies with high potential growth in the industrial and service sectors. The participation of the top management in the Company's assets has not been modified, thus granting the prosecution of the strategic plans and of the business relationships with partners.


From 1952 to now. Duplomatic Oleodinamica's history