Modular amplifiers

Modular amplifiers


EDM-M* - Digital amplifier for open loop proportional valves

The EDM-M* card is a digital amplifier for open loop proportional valves control. It is designed for rail mounting type: DIN EN 50022.

The unit supplies a variable current in proportion to the reference signal and independently of temperature variations or load impedance.

The PWM stage on the solenoid power supply allows the reduction of the valve hysteresis, thus optimising control precision. The unit is available in three main versions, to control single solenoid valves (M1), double solenoid valves (M2) and valves with two independent channels controlling two single solenoid valves (M3). Each version is available with different maximum current settings and switching frequencies (PWM), optimised according to the relevant valve.

The parameters adjustment is carried out either through keyboard and display, placed on the front panel, or with a notebook, via RS232 or via USB converter (EDMPC/20 software).


EWM-RL- Digital card for fast/slow speed control in open loop systems

This card is designed to control proportional valves with one or two solenoids, with the current output controlled in open loop.

The card moves the proportional valve via preset value input. Eight demand value input can be activated in binary mode, so it is possible to control speed, directional and ramp values without any analog card into the PLC.

The card use the RS232C interface, and is settable via notebook, using the kit (EWMPC).

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EWM-A-SV- Analog amplifier for servovalve control

This card is designed for a dynamic control of servovalves with the current output controlled in closed loop.

This card is an analog amplifier that receive an analog input +/- 10V to move the servovalves via different values of current adjustable by DIL switches on board with steps of 10mA.

This card has embedded an auxiliary supply positive and negative to power an external potentiometer.

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EWM-A-PV- Universal amplifier for proportional valves

This card is designed for proportional valves control: directional, pressure or throttle valves. Current output controlled in closed loop.

— Function control mode as parameter to be configured:
- for dual solenoids proportional valves,with analogue command signal ±10V or 4÷20 mA.
- for one or two single solenoid proportional valves (throttle, pressure, directional..), with analogue input signal 0 ÷10V or 4 ÷20 mA.
- for proportional valves, single or dual solenoids either, with pre-programmed values, selectable by 3 digital inputs.

—  Card setup via software only, through an on-board USB-B port.

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