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LINPC-USB - Test device for proportional valves with integrated electronics

The kit contains a test device with embedded connection cable 7 pin and a USB cable for connection to the PC. The dedicated software are available for download from our web site at the software download page.

The device is suitable for troubleshooting and functional testing of Duplomatic proportional valves with LIN-bus interface, for open loop (type G) and closed loop (type J), series 20, 30 and 31.

The sof tware al low the check of  settings, display the diagnostic and permit to make changes on the standard parameter setting made in factory, adapting it to your system.

No additional power supply is required: the device uses the supply source from the 7 pin system cable.

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DXE3J - High response servo-proportional valve with feedback and integrated electronics

— The DXE3J valve is a four-way (3 + fail-safe position) servo-proportional valve where the spool moves inside a sleeve. It is operated by a proportional solenoid highly dynamic, which achieves high performance and not requires pilot pressure. The spool position is controlled by a linear transducer (LVDT) in closed loop which ensures high precision and repeatability.
— It is available in four different flow ranges up to 40 l/min, with spools with zero overlap.
— The valve is featured by integral electronic based on SMD technology which ensures standard regulations and simplifies the electric wiring. The unit does not require any adjustment other than the possible electronic regulation of the zero.
— Suitable for control applications with closed loop of position, velocity and pressure. With a power down or without the enable input, the spool moves automatically at fail-safe position.

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DXPE*J - Directional control valve, pilot operated, with OBE and feedback

— DXPE*J are directional control valves operated by a servo-proportional pilot, with mounting surface compliant with ISO 4401 standards.
— The spool position is controlled by a linear transducer LVDT in closed loop, which ensures high precision and repeatability. In the event of
switch-off or inactive electronics the main spool is set to a fail-safe position by springs.
— The valve is featured by integral electronic based on SMD technology which ensures standard regulations and simplifies the electric wiring. The
unit does not require any adjustment.
— The valve is easy to install. The driver directly manages digital settings. In the event of special applications, you can customize the settings using
the optional kit.

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HPR - High pressure self-regulating pump for open loop operation

— HPR pumps are variable displacement axial-piston pumps with swash plate design, suitable for applications with open circuits.
— Seven frame sizes are available, from 55 up to 280 cm3/rev.
— The pump flow rate is proportional to the shaft speed and to the swash plate angle, which can be continuously modulated. The maximum angle can be limited
mechanically by means of an adjustment screw.
— Due to the special design, these pumps are able to operate at high working pressures (420 bar continuously and 500 bar peak)
— All the pumps are equipped with a noise reduction device.

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EWM-2SS-DAD - Card for 2 axis positioning in closed loop control with profibus interface

— The EWM-2SS-DAD card is designed for controlling the stroke position of 2 axes

— Additionally, the synchronized control of the axes is available

— Both SSI or analogue sensor input are available

— The module communicates with the PLC via the embedded Profibus interface

— Card configuration is made via software, via USB

CLICK HERE to download the start-up manual.

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EWM-ST-AA - Analogue positioning card with analogue feedback and digital setup, for stroke control in closed loop system

This card is designed for steam turbine application. It allows easy stroke positioning control of hydraulic actuators in closed loop systems.

  • Card setup via software only, through an on-board USB-B port.
  • The card has a monitor output to DCS.
  • It’s available with integral power amplifier or current output.

CLICK HERE to download the start-up manual.

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EWM-A-PV- Universal amplifier for proportional valves


This card is designed for proportional valves control: directional, pressure or throttle valves. Current output controlled in closed loop.

— Function control mode as parameter to be configured:
- for dual solenoids proportional valves,with analogue command signal ±10V or 4÷20 mA.
- for one or two single solenoid proportional valves (throttle, pressure, directional..), with analogue input signal 0 ÷10V or 4 ÷20 mA.
- for proportional valves, single or dual solenoids either, with pre-programmed values, selectable by 3 digital inputs.

—  Card setup via software only, through an on-board USB-B port.


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PZM2 - Direct operated pressure reducing valves ISO 4401-02 (CETOP R02)

P max 320 bar
Q max 20 l/min

The PZM2 valve is a three-ports pressure reducing valve, direct operated, spool type, made as modular version, with ports according to the ISO 4401 standards and can be assembled quickly, without use of pipes, under the ISO 4401-02 solenoid valves.

The PZM2 is a normally open valve. The hydraulic fluid flows freely in the pressure line. When the inlet pressure in P exceeds the value set by the spring, the valve opens the outlet port to the tank line until the outlet pressure has been reduced to the set value.

The valve construction provides good adjustment sensitivity with reduced drainage flow. The drainage to the tank line is internal.

The three-ports design provides protection of the secondary circuit from pressure surges since it allows a reverse flow from the actuator to the tank line.

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PZE3 - Proportional 3-way pressure reducing valve, pilot operated

— The PZE3 valve is a proportional 3-way pressure reducing valve, pilot operated with mounting surface according to ISO 4401- 03 standards.
— Its main function is to control continuously the outlet pressure on A reducing the inlet pressure P. However, the valve also prevent outlet pressure exceeding its regulated pressure value discharging in T the exceeding flow (a typical case of hydraulic counterweight or load balancing).
— The pressure is modulated continuously in proportion to the current supplied to the solenoid.
— They can be controlled directly by an amplifier or a proper electronic control unit.

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MDS5 - Électro-distributeur de commutation, version modulaire ISO 4401-05 (CETOP 05)

MDS5 is used to switch multiple flow directions or to select pressure values.

The oil passage holes pass right through the entire valve body and due to this particular design feature, the MDS5 can be assembled with all ISO 4401-05 (CETOP 05) modular valves.

The special connection of this hydraulic valve in parallel to the P, T, A and B lines of the circuit allows easy construction of different hydraulic configurations, reducing pressure drops to a minimum.

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