Stacked valve assembly


  • Catalog: 44101
  • Mounting Style: stackable valve assembly
  • Max Operating Pressure: 320 bar
  • Max Flow: 60 l/min


  • Rendering 3D: 3D Model
  • * Data sheets: lan lan
  • * Last update: EN (03/11/2020)


BDL, BDM and BDS are components for stacked valve assemblies. They can be assembled in parallel with up to 10 working sections. The same components allow creating series circuits by inserting plugs in order to deviate the oil path. Inlet elements are available with flow and pressure control, with and without unloading valves. Working elements are available in two thicknesses with working ports 3/8” BSP, 1/2” BSP, SAE-06 or SAE-08 threads. Specific components for series circuits complete the BD* range.

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