Digital card for pressure and force control in closed loop systems


  • Catalog: 89500
  • Mounting Style: DIN rail EN 50022
  • Power supply: 12 ÷ 30 V DC



The EWM-P-AA card is a digital card for pressure (force) control in closed loop systems. It controls pressure reducing valves and pressure limiting valves. It is designed for applications with pressure-controlled servo pumps. The card works as a bypass control module. The command value is directly transferred to the control output (pressure valve) and the closed loop compensates only the linearity failures. In most of cases the optimization is possible without any measuring instruments (a pressure sensor is necessary only). The power amplifier is integrated.

To configure it you need the EWMPC/20 software, which can be downloaded from this page. Connection by USB port on the front panel.

User Manuals are available upon registration in the reserved area.

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