Axis positioning controller with pressure limitation in closed loop with Profibus interface


  • Catalog: 89440
  • Mounting Style: DIN rail EN 50022
  • Power supply: 24 ÷ 30 V DC


  • * Data sheets: lan lan
  • * Last update: EN (03/11/2020)


The EWM-SP-DAD digital card manages the position control with pressure limitation of hydraulic actuators equipped with a digital position sensor and analog pressure sensors. This card is an axis controller with two types of position control: stroke dependent deceleration (SDD) or numerical control (NC). It communicates with the PLC via the integrated Profibus interface. The output value, voltage or current type, has to be configured via software. To configure it, you need the EWMPC/20 software. Connection by USB port on the front panel. Some parameters can also be configured via Profibus interface.

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